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Home made lotion day.

I don’t know why but I got up very early today and started to disinfect and clean the kitchen. The list of out door stuff to do looms but my cleaning made me want to get a small batch of lotion made. So I got the containers out and the Clorox and I started cleaning. Everything was clean and drying and I got the ingredients out and had to decide which essential oils and extra extract should I use. I went with lavender or blood orange and my two constants, Calendula and chamomile. I’ve got a variety of oils, almond, avocado, hemp, plus more. I went with a recipe I’ve made before and had success. The next batch will be an avocado/? Base with avocado extract. Well this batch did turn out splendid and a lovely scent. One is lavender and one is orange. You yourself could add another essential oil to it if desired. later this week I’ll be making a couple new soaps, till then....🎃

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