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The fresh out doors of a Pine forrest is what you will remember with this soap. Mild all natural oils, Coconut and Olive, and butters, Cocoa and Shea, Balsam essential oil, Fir needle EO, beer powder, and also windsong, an all natural fragrance oil to boost the has kaolin clay to help retain moisture in your skin. This soap is safe for the entire body, you will want to wash over and over to smell!

  • Care and Soap weight

    Always keep your soap up out of water when not in use. Allow to stay dry and it will last a long time.

    Each bar is cut by hand, each may vary, most range from5-6 ounces.  

  • Ingrediants

    Olive oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, shea butter, lye,water,Hemp and Castor oil.Goat milk, kaolin clay, BalsamEssential oil, FirNeedle Essential oil and natural Fragrance oil combination.

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